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Saturday, 20 December 2014 15:10

Mammon is the name of the god of Wealth or Money or the Free-Market.  Economism is the belief that economics is the main factor in society governing or influencing everything else ["Money or Greed is behind everything" is a common mantra of Economism]  Many agree and they allow their entire lives to be shaped by this false god, this idol.

Economics: “a social science concerned chiefly with description and analysis of the production, distribution, and consumption of goods and services”   - Merriam-Webster

  • Economics is about the choices people make with regard to scarce resources –
  • People chose to sacrifice some things in order to obtain other things because there is a scarcity of those things and nothing scarce is free (every scarce thing has a price).
  • Economics is about the exchanges people make of things [time, possessions, money, etc] desired less, for things [time, possessions, money, etc] desired more.
  • These choices and exchanges are affected by values and incentives.
  • They should also be determined by long-range (rather than immediate) consequences.

The Bible contains moral and ethical principles that are very relevant to economic topics, e.g. - work, private property, profit, money, employee and employer relationship, etc.  These Biblical principles provide the values that should guide economic choices and behavior.  But most people, many Christians, do not know or care what the Bible says about such matters. rather they follow [have faith in] the opinions or theories offered by secular economists and financial advisers.  They trust these experts [like Clergy?] They believe what these Economists say [like the Bible] and then make major, as well as daily, life-decisions based on these beliefs.  This is where Economics becomes a Religion, Economism.



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