Written by Calvin Fox   
Friday, 10 May 2013 10:10

My reading confirms  "a lot of bright young people are writing ... about the evils of capitalism"- and that among these bright young people are Evangelicals.  I am not glad they are buying into anti-capitalism.  I agree that many capitalists are guilty of evil.  I agree many have done evil in the name of Capitalism.  I agree that Capitalism as currently practiced by many can be a source of evil in the world, but that is because of human sin and the failure of personal moral character.  Greed and exploitation are not inherent in Capitalism as such.  It not only is not evil in itself, but it incorporates Biblical Principles more than any other economic system and Christians should value Capitalism and work to make it work, infusing it with love and the concept of service and stewardship which, of course, are also Biblical Principles.     Capitalism including Private Property, the Profit Motive and a Free Market are the best long range solution to Poverty that there is.  I respect Michael Novak's argument- "When serious people wish to create new wealth and to raise the poor out of poverty, they make sure to let capitalism do what it alone can do."


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