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Wednesday, 15 October 2014 09:22

How are we to love?  Here are some of the ways.  To love our neighbors means-

To be Pro-life in every sense

We are to value all human life and work to develop all we are as human beings.

To be active Conservationists

We are to cultivate and care for the natural world in order for it to sustain our life.

To practice and support "Traditional" Marriage and Family

We are to marry and work with our spouse in that stewardship of Creation and the Culture and Civilization that extend from it.

We are to respect marriage and family life according to Biblical principles. That includes being an extended, cross-generational family caring for all its members for a life time.

To be Law-abiding in both personal and social Morality

We are to keep the 10 Commandments

We are to pursue Justice according to Biblical and Constitutional Law

Our Government should respect "Sphere Sovereignty": the sovereignty of the Creational Ordinances of Marriage & Family, Education. Religion/Church and Work/Commerce

Our Governments should seek to practice "Subsidiarity":  nothing should be done by a larger and more complex organization which can be done as well by a smaller and simpler organization.  This calls for grass-roots, bottoms-up community activism.  Government should not do for us what we can do as well or better ourselves.

To practice compassionate Capitalism

We are to live in community with neighbors, both respecting private property and sharing wealth with those in need.  We are to value and pursue "The Common Good"

We are to organize our work along Biblical economic principles and values, which values include both profit making and profit sharing.

All of these are the Biblical ways we can we glorify God and love our neighbors.  Believers have not been discipled if they have not been taught to love in all these ways.  Matt 28:16-20

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