Written by Calvin Fox   
Wednesday, 23 October 2013 13:58

How are we to live our lives?  The Word of God gives us abundant guidance.  This is a random list of Labor Laws and Practices that God expects of Society.

  • workers must be treated well and fairly
  • [and] must be paid fully and promptly
  • workers must more than fulfill employers expectations
  • no harsh or unsafe working conditions
  • rest periods: one day a week and holidays
  • workers may decide to change employers
  • all commands re personal morality apply
  • productivity is expected--profit-making is expected of all, BUT
  • not at expense of the workers- no exploitation
  • no jeopardizing resources
  • private property rights/ownership must be honored
  • original owner of property may buy it back
  • no peonage
  • no usury
  • profits and products must be made available to the destitute

The Government and Courts are to enforce these Laws

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