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Saturday, 20 December 2014 13:57

Civil Government, the State, [as such] is instituted for God and serves Him, serves a good purpose in the world.  Christians are to support such a Government.

However, Satan, the Enemy of Christ and His Church, can incarnate himself in a particular system of Civil Government, a totalitarian System.  In Revelation 13, The Beast coming out of the Sea is Totalitarian Civil Government.  There will be a titular Head of that Government, but it is the System itself that we must be concerned about. 

In Chapter 13 of the Revelation, the red dragon, Satan, is seen standing on the shore of the sea.  Then appears a Beast coming out of the sea and Satan gives his power to this beast (v.6) In turn, it exercises authority over all peoples and nations around the world (v.7)   And Satan is embedded in the System, controlling and using the system particularly to war against Christ and His Church.  In fact, the Totalitarian State is the most serious enemy of the Church, as well as of all people.  It not only denies freedom of our Religion, it denies social, political and economic freedom to all.  It was to overthrow totalitarian government that the Founders of America fought the Revolutionary War.

Any Government that seeks total control over the lives of its citizens is, by definition, a totalitarian government.  It comes in three major forms: Socialism, Communism, Fascism.  And elements of them occur within Democracies as well.  But the definitions of these isms is debatable and what is oppressive government to some people is liberation to another.  Indeed, strong centralized government gets support in times of social unrest and hard times.  Such a government offers security and people are willing to sacrifice their civil liberties to have that.  On the other hand, many people who believe their civil liberties are being threatened (by anyone) welcome strong government control/legislation when they see that as necessary to secure civil liberty.

The major Biblical argument against a totalitarian government is not primarily about civil liberty or freedom at all.  A Leader or Government that wants total control over the lives of its citizens is seeking to take the place of God in their lives.  When this happens, people think of their Government as their God, it is all-powerful and absolutely essential to their lives.  They worship it.  That is the big problem.  God will allow no other God before Him.  People who revolt against oppressive governments in the name of Liberty or in the name of Democracy do not do it for the Glory of God.  Understandably, they do it for themselves, for what they believe is essential for their own well-being, but they do not do it for the sake of God.  This is true even when they use the name of God in their propaganda, as did both sides in our Civil War and in WWl and as radical Islamists are now committing horrific atrocities in the name of their god, Allah

The Kingdom, the power and the glory rightfully and only belong to God.  The difficulty is knowing when God is being served by a Government or when the Government is serving only itself or various groups of people and what they believe are their interests.

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