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Monday, 29 July 2013 07:48

Part 2- Christian Civilization

Culture and Civilization are not the same, but they are interconnected.  Both are essential.  No Culture can be sustained without Civilization and vice versa.

All Civilizations require Government; Laws; an educated or skilled, co-operative citizenry and a productive economic system.

A good Civilization’s Government functions under just Laws and its citizens have a Bill of Rights such as those Americans have, are  educated and moral and share in a productive, equitable and free economic system and are committed to the common good 

The foundation of a Christian Civilization is Christian Culture (particularly well grounded in Biblical Religion and Morality, as outlined above). The Education System of a Christian Civilization is based on Christian Epistemology and Pedagogy; its Civil Government is based on Biblical Principles and is therefore a Republic under a Constitution and Laws that are in harmony with the Bible.  Its Economic System is based on Biblical principles and would therefore be a compassionate, market-based Capitalism without greed or corruption. 

Christians should not be apologetic about believing that Christian Civilization is “exceptional”.  How could they believe otherwise?  This is not to identify America with Christian Civilization or the Kingdom of God. The latter is an Ideal for which we pray and strive (“Thy Kingdom come, Thy will be done on earth”).  The Ideal was the Vision of the First Founders of New England and many aspects of it survive and are still strong today, although seriously challenged.  There is no other Nation that comes as close as America to the Ideal.

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