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Monday, 29 July 2013 07:43

Part 3- The Mandate to Redeem Culture and Civilization

Evangelicals believe in the redemption of the physical body, both Christ’s and ours.  The Apostle Paul tells us of the necessity to use our physical bodies as instruments of righteousness.  The entire Bible says that all things are to be done to the glory of God.  It necessarily follows from all this, that our Culture and Civilization, our civic body, can and must be redeemed as well and made to glorify God.

Of course, the fallen sinful nature of Human beings is clearly evident in their Culture, Cities and Civilization.  That does not cancel the Mandate, but it required the work of Christ on the original Easter Event Weekend.  It is ultimately the regenerated People of God, indwelled by the Holy Spirit and guided by Scripture as a rough blue-print, that will need to do the heavy lifting to reclaim and redirect Culture, Cities and Civilization back to what God intends.  Of course, they will not succeed completely, that is not the point.  The Church can make a difference and make real progress toward that end over time, but success is not the goal; faithfulness is.  Our efforts are the witness that God will use to glorify Himself.

Both Culture and Civilization were commanded by God when He gave the Stewardship Mandate to the first men and women.  They were to multiply and fill the earth, representing Him every  where as they cultivated the entire earth.  That cultivation inevitably led to Culture, cities and civilization.  Human beings are to put all their God-given faculties to work in the effort could b said that building cites and the rest are the very work of God.  He is the City builder. (Heb 11:10)  The Biblical Story began in a Garden, but it ends in a City.

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