The Main Thing to remember when critiquing Churches Print
Written by Calvin Fox   
Wednesday, 18 August 2010 08:54

With all the discussion about why people are unhappy with their local churches, perhaps the primary purpose of those churches is being overlooked.  That purpose is Worship.  The weekly assemblies are normally called "Worship Services" for a reason.  Christians gather to serve God by offering up to Him their worship (their hymns and prayers of praise and thanksgiving, as well as their confession of sins and prayers seeking forgiveness and then their intereceessions for His mercy and grace).  They present to Him for His use their tithes and offerings.  And finally, they offer to Him their ears to listen to His Word. In doing so they, in turn, receive assurances of His grace and mercy (especially if they receive Holy Communion), a fresh filling of His Holy Spirit and His counsel and direction for living their lives in the week ahead.  These are the main things to keep in mind before critiquing other ministries or activities a local church may or may not offer.


For those who appreciate, or would like to try, Morning or Evening Prayer from the Book of Common Prayer,  I highly recommend

The Offices are sung and read in a wonderful manner- a real blessing!


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