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Written by Calvin Fox   
Saturday, 27 March 2010 05:38


We received a letter last week from our Pastor inviting everyone on the mailing list to Services for Holy Week and Easter Day.  His list of reasons why folks should attend are exactly the reasons why many Christians do not attend.The Pastor uses Jesus promise: "where two or three are gathered together, there I am in the midst".  He mentions the reasons for attending include Christian fellowship and support- worshiping together in the presence of Christ who will be with us.  There is no substitute, he says, for the blessings and encouragement that comes when Christians gather together. "Yes, we agree", say the dechurched, Believers who have dropped out of church.  "And we find", they say, "exactly all of that in our small groups or house fellowship- but without all the nonsense and stress that goes with having a building and maintaining a Church organization" and therefore do not need the church".  There is an interesting article about the Dechurched HERE

What is the answer to those who say this?  What does the institutional church offer that makes it necessary?

The Church offers approved, trained Clergy who in turn, ideally, offer solid Biblical sermons and Teaching.  They celebrate the Sacraments of Baptism and Holy Communion, as well as provide Pastoral ministry throughout a life time of special events, such as weddings, births, tragedies, hardships and funerals.  The Church provides special Observances of the Church year, such as Christmas and Easter.  The Church offers structured Christian Education for all ages.  It teaches and passes on the Heritage and History of the Church to succeeding generations.  With its buildings and activities, the Church offers a visible, public presence for God in the local community for generations.  It is a stable and permanent Lighthouse for Truth in that place.  And it is a place open to all 24/7 to receive counsel and guidance for personal Salvation and Christian Living.  It is a recruiting and training center for world-wide missionary work. 

A small group or home fellowship, while of value to those few who attend, can not replace a Church.  Let's pray the dechurched will realize the church they have walked away from is a Treasure to value and commit to, regardless of how imperfect it may be at times.  Christ Himself instituted the institutional Church.  It is His, He loves it and it shall prevail long after small groups pass away.


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