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Written by Calvin Fox   
Saturday, 06 February 2010 11:07

I have long been dismayed by the reality that most of the adult children of most of our Christian friends, by their own account, are not themselves Christians (or at least, show little evidence that they are).  I find this heartwrenching and a cause for soul searching: why?

One very plausable reason is that many of these young adults have had a very negative personal experience with "Christians" and churches as they grew up or (depending on their age at the time) saw their parents have having those painful experiences and heard many bitter or harsh conversations about that- you know, driving home from church.

Another more plausable reason is that their well meaning Christian parents neglected to share their faith personally with these young people, trusting church, SS and yout groups to take care of that, while they concentrated on providing a "good, read- materialistic and comfortable- life" with all the advantages for their kids, often working 2 jobs or spending a huge amount of time away from home at work.

A third and maybe more pervasive reason that many adult children of Christians are not themselves Christians is a changing defintion of what Salvation is about.  When Salvation is defined in terms of a relationship with Jesus with its ups and downs, on and off again nature, like any other personal relationship, it is very easy to assume or believe that one's children are saved if they use, at least some of the time, any of the language associated with the "relationship".  This false assumption is compounded if being a "Christian" is itself defined in terms of the good llife- "hey, my kids are well adjusted, happy and productive and they "give back" to the community and do good things for other people"- of course, they are Christians!

No Biblically grounded, born again or saved evangelical Chrsitian would ever say that!

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