What is "emerging" at evangelical seminaries? Print
Written by Calvin Fox   
Monday, 11 May 2009 09:20
We have faithfully supported Trinity Episcopal School for Ministry (TESM).  It was the only evangelical Seminary associated with the Episcopal Church (another Seminary, Nashotah House is also conservative and orthodox, but is best described as Anglo-Catholic).   We thought that as long as there was TESM and its graduates serving as faithful ministers of the Word, such as our son Loren, there was hope for the future of the Episcopal Church (TEC)  But last year, TESM began an complete make-over.  It is now Trinity School for Ministry (TSM).  It is no longer affiliated with TEC, but is now simply "an evangelical Seminary in the Anglican Tradition".  It is increasingly training students and serving the wider Church around the world, especially in the Global South.  It remains a good school, but I have concerns for its future derived from its plans to continue its make-over.  It is sponsoring a Conference this Summer, exploring connections with the Emergent Church movement.  In its current school magazine, Seed and Harvest, very far reaching changes are forecast, including a complete overhaul of its curriculum- all with the objective of better reaching the emergent and future generation with new ways of doing ministry.  This could be good or it could be a very serious mistake.  Here is a description of Fuller Seminary and its collaboration with the same Emergent Church Movement. http://www.ryanbolger.com/?p=136#more-136
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