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Written by Calvin Fox   
Tuesday, 05 June 2012 08:00

I.)  Emphasis about GOD, His attributes

transcendence vs immanence

greatness, holiness vs goodness, love

II.)  Emphasis in emotional response to God during Worship

awe, fear vs intimacy, warmth

focus on attributes of God vs  focus on feelings about God

focus on mission & work of the church vs focus on fellowship

focus on Christian living & service vs focus on spiritual warfare & victory

III.)  Emphasis in Mood of Worship

solemn, serious, reserved vs  celebrational, joyous, spontaneous

intellectual, mental vs  emotional, physical

quiet, listening to the Word written & spoken vs usually loud, enjoying upbeat music

music: words and doctrinal content instruments vs feelings, instruments

sermon: intellectual, rational over personal stories, narrative

IV.)  Emphasis of Purpose in Worship

to honor God & praise of God, offer thanksgiving vs actively seeking and experiencing the presence of God

V.)  Target Group

established, traditional Christians vs  newer or younger Christians & seekers

The above categories are not mutually exclusive.  They are comparisons of emphasis on a sliding scale

  1. What role does personality or personal traits have in one’s approach to worship?  in determining emphasis?
  2. What role does custom or culture play in determining what one prefers or is comfortable with in worship?
  3. What role does Theology & the Bible have in determining the emphasis in worship?

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