The Church as Model Family Print
Written by Calvin Fox   
Monday, 23 April 2012 10:13

The Scripture makes it clear that a local church is a Family and needs a Father as it Shepherd or Pastor [that is the only title and role I am concerned about here]  There certainly are gifted and qualified women in the Church who can and do serve it well, many with pastoral and administrative skills and abilities.  That is not disputed at all.  But women can not serve as Fathers, even though many do function that way in real life.  I accept that female Pastors are here to stay, but I will not approve them. This is the same argument I use about Marriage.  Marriage by Biblical definition, a union of a man and a woman and therefore is impossible for same sex couples.  This is true even though the latter may have very loving, committed relationships and function well together. I accept the reality of "Civil Unions" and of female Pastors, but I still insist that neither are Scriptural.  And to support the latter, logically requires support of the former.

All that said, I am opposed to a woman as Pastor because I believe strongly in the church as a Family with a Father.  Biblical Marriage and Family is a seriously endangered species, under attack and undermined at ever turn.  This in turn is a serious threat to the well-being of our Society.  The Church should offer an example, the Model, of what Marriage and Family is meant to be and not aid and abet those forces and behaviors that attack and undermine it.

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