Great Advice to churches: How to Fail at Failing Print
Written by Calvin Fox   
Monday, 11 October 2010 11:03

The 45 year old President and CEO of the largest employer we have here in Springfield, MassMutual Financial Group, says he is a "huge fan of slow and steady growth" and under his leadership, the Insurance Company has been seeing exactly that.  He also has an eye for national trends and plans his sales and growth strategy accordingly.  He is now anticipating that by 2040, America will have a non-white Majority.  He is gearing up sales campaigns and training his staff to reach Latinos, African Americans and Asians who will makeup that new Majority.  That is America's demographic future and this CEO wants to be ready for it.  How about your church and its Leadership?  Are you ready to reach and serve Latinos, Blacks and Asians?  Better be!!

James White always has insightful commentary and suggestions for making the church relevant to cultural changes.  His Blog today has 5 very, very good suggestions about how to fail at failure.  He offers excellent advice for those who want the church to be alive and well in its mission of serving Christ in the coming years


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