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Philosophy of Mathematics
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Written by Calvin Fox   
Monday, 29 September 2008 20:30
This is an essay introducing the Philosophy of Mathematics.  It is not about Math itself or doing Math, which I confess I am not well versed.  Conversely, I find few students of math who are well versed in the Philosophy behind their subject.  They just do the math!  But, if Christians are to do Math, thinking as a Christian, understanding what they do from a Biblical Perspective, knowledge of the philosophy (or assumptions or faith) that under-girds and shapes “doing math” is essential.

We are challenged to see Christ and His Word as Sovereign over every academic subject.  Many insist that academics may (and should) be done autonomously and impartially.  Fact is, they are never done apart  from faith statements, assumptions and biases of some kind.  Nothing is neutral and completely objective.  We believe the beginning of all knowledge is the fear of the Lord.  I admit that to be my presupposition as I approach every Subject.  True truth can be known only when a subject is studied in relation to God and what He has revealed about reality, this includes Mathematics.  This essay will begin to study Math in light of the Bible and Christian Theology.  It should be read in the light of my paper on Epistemology (also on this site).  The two subjects are inseparable. 

The following are [slightly revised] lecture notes from a Class I offered for college students  in the Winter of 1979. Since that time, of course, Constructivism and Post Modernism have come on the scene and there have been new approaches to Theories of Knowledge, Logic and Math.  I know these lecture notes need revision and updating, but they are still relevant and worthwhile for understanding what Math is about.  They are also relevant to the current theological hot topic of Open Theism.