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"Is Proselytizing a Bad Word?" PDF Print E-mail
Written by Calvin Fox   
Sunday, 29 August 2010 14:28

Here are some thoughts about evangelism and missions and those who are engaged in these activities from Peter Berger.  This article is full of subtopics worth serious reflection


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The Main Thing to remember when critiquing Churches PDF Print E-mail
Written by Calvin Fox   
Wednesday, 18 August 2010 08:54

With all the discussion about why people are unhappy with their local churches, perhaps the primary purpose of those churches is being overlooked.  That purpose is Worship.  The weekly assemblies are normally called "Worship Services" for a reason.  Christians gather to serve God by offering up to Him their worship (their hymns and prayers of praise and thanksgiving, as well as their confession of sins and prayers seeking forgiveness and then their intereceessions for His mercy and grace).  They present to Him for His use their tithes and offerings.  And finally, they offer to Him their ears to listen to His Word. In doing so they, in turn, receive assurances of His grace and mercy (especially if they receive Holy Communion), a fresh filling of His Holy Spirit and His counsel and direction for living their lives in the week ahead.  These are the main things to keep in mind before critiquing other ministries or activities a local church may or may not offer.


For those who appreciate, or would like to try, Morning or Evening Prayer from the Book of Common Prayer,  I highly recommend http://cradleofprayer.org/free-daily-prayer-download.html

The Offices are sung and read in a wonderful manner- a real blessing!


Is Anne Rice fried or does she have a point? PDF Print E-mail
Written by Calvin Fox   
Monday, 09 August 2010 17:05

There are an increasing number of books and surveys documenting an exodus of Christians from local churches.  Many fault the churches they know for not welcoming and meeting the needs of singles, gays, unwed moms and their children, couples without children, the handicapped and Senior citizens.  Of of course, there are exceptions to all of this and the evidence is mostly anecdotal.

Others claim that churches they know are not open, diverse and welcoming to all kinds of people.  They claim these churches are often bigoted, racist, discriminatory, legalistic and, in a word, fail to Love.  Many younger evangelicals fall into the latter category of critics.  They fault their church for lack of social consciousness and social activism.  For them that is what being Christian is all about.

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Pastors: Preach the Bible! Please! PDF Print E-mail
Written by Calvin Fox   
Monday, 03 May 2010 15:54


Many Pastors I hear  these days are not good Preachers.  It is because they do not have confidence that the Bible is the Word of God.  Many evangelical Christians claim the Bible is the ultimate authority for Faith and Practice; but they do not see it as Authority.  They have been cowed by those who teach there are no absolutes (except that one) or we can not trust, with any real confidence, what any book might truly mean, including the Bible. Lacking that confidence, they put their trust in what a group together might think a book means, at least for them at this time or place.  They have confidence in the group process and trust interpretation and application by community consensus.  There is no room in a sermon to  declare "Thus says the Lord!", i.e.- the Word of the Lord (even though many repeat that response after the Lectionary Reading).   Rather the Preacher tries to share what [he] thinks the Bible might be saying.  [He] does not see [himself] as actually proclaiming the Oracles of God.

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The "next big thing": Simple Church PDF Print E-mail
Written by Calvin Fox   
Sunday, 18 April 2010 13:40



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