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Written by Calvin Fox   
Thursday, 18 September 2008 14:36
Adam’s act was not simply one of millions of human acts- it was of mythic proportion- of far greater importance and effect than any other. Upon this One Act hangs the destiny of all Mankind. We know this only because God has revealed it, centuries later in Scripture. It was not simply a bite of forbidden “apple” (I mean who hasn’t done something like that?) or like an “oops, better get Maaco” moment; and then saying, “I’m sorry Dad, I screwed up, but come on, it’s not the end of the world.”, just will not do. In God’s eyes, that moment was pivotal for the destiny for every human being ever to be born. Thus, I call it “mythic”, but that is not to question its historicity, because it is parallel to another singular act that absolutely was historically true.
Now God foresaw, or knew of, Adam’s failure and the predicament it caused, long before it even happened, actually from all Eternity, He devised a Plan whereby there would be another Adam, the Second Adam, who would more than counter act and literally atone for what the First Adam had done. Of course, that would be Christ. Actually, God the Father and God the Son and God the Spirit, together, agreed on this Plan and how (they) would affect it. That agreement, Theologians call the Covenant of Redemption. God still wanted a People to represent and serve Him on earth. As it was, as a result of their federal head’s disobedience, all people would be born spiritually dead, alienated and separated from their Maker. Worse, they would hate Him deep in their hearts and strive to be autonomous from Him (Reformed Theologians call this The Antithesis) They would be helplessly enslaved to a “fallen nature”, called Total Depravity, by those same Theologians. In other words, people being born would no longer make good prospects to be the People God had in mind. As it happens, we are told in the Book of His Revelation, God chose millions of these lost sinners to become His People, known as the Elect. He did this from Eternity, before they ever existed on earth. God can do something like that because He is God.
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