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Tuesday, 16 September 2008 11:32

Welcome to Re/FORMED LIVING!

This website is the portal to the writing of Calvin (Cal) Fox.   I hope you will browse and discover material that will be interesting and helpful to living a Re/Formed life, that is, a life being formed by the Word of God in all aspects!  Pro Rege!

My Theology is grounded in the Bible as primarily understood by the 16th Century Reformers, especially John Calvin.  Calvinism is far more than the 5 famous doctrines having to do with Salvation.  It is about the Sovereignty of God over all and is actually far more: a World View to live by.  That worldview was developed by the Dutch Theologian, Abraham Kuyper(1837-1920), who proclaimed, “there is not a square inch in the whole domain of our human existence over which Christ, who is Sovereign over all, does not cry: ‘Mine!’" and it is known as Kuyperism or Neo-Calvinism

On my Bio page is a list of the key principles of Neo-Calvinism.  On this Front page you can find  links on the bar at the top to my essays in several Categories: EcclesiastiCAL (church related topics, mostly from an Anglican perspective), TheologiCAL (theological topics), Re/formation Institute (articles on a variety of academic subjects such as Economics and Government) and also to my Blog,  Dutch Treat, and my devotional writing called QT Thots.

Begin by clicking on one of the Topics on the Menu bar at the top of the page then click again on subtopics.   Notice the space provided for Searching the site below the Menu Bar.  There is provision for your comments.  Please do me the courtesy of using your real name if you do comment.  Icons at the top of each Essay enable you to turn it into a PFD  or to mail or print it.

My indispensable partner in setting all of this up is Norm Gosselin, webmaster and son-in-law!  We welcome suggestions for improvements.  We will be making them as we go along.  We do this as a serious Ministry for the King (Pro Rege) and appreciate your prayers.  We hope you will recommend the site to others.

Thanks for visiting!!

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