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Written by Calvin Fox   
Thursday, 04 June 2015 12:55

The material that follows in 19 segments is an explanation or commentary on the first 3 chapters of Genesis

A Bible scholar I know suggested, inasmuch as baseball season is upon us, that I start this new series “in the big inning”. That of course would be Genesis 1:1 “In the beginning God”

“God” is the main subject of this chapter. He is mentioned 32x (in the NIV). The primary reason for studying it is to learn about Him and then about His relationship with Creation.

“God” names Himself as “I am” (3:14)- uncreated, uncaused, eternal [which means without beginning or end), the everlasting One—Deut 33:27, Isaiah 26:4, 40:28, 43:13, 44:6, 48:12

God is One (Deut 6:4, Mk 12:29) That means He is the only God (Isa 44:6; 45:5, 14,18.21) “One” also means “simple”, ie- indivisible. He has no parts.  God is eternally present, has no past or future. Everything is now for God. This Truth has huge ramifications.

God is not above, outside, of time (atemporal). He is not outside of the daily experience of the world and those who live in it. God is temporal. He exists within time, but is not dependent on it. The God who’s nature and attributes are everlasting (timeless) inhabits time. He was fully present in the past and shall be fully present in the future. The God who is eternal is the same God who is with us every day (Isa 57:15-19)

This all means that God cannot and does not change. Some verses are used to show He does, while others teach He does. The solution to that is simple. The word change is used in two different ways. The nature and attributes of God never change- they are unconditional. But God’s attitude or heart toward individuals or nations and how He responds to their actions can change. His attitude and actions are conditional, eg 2 Chron 7:14 and the story of Jonah

“In the beginning, God”

Heaven and Earth were not in the beginning. In the beginning there was no energy, matter, space or time itself. None of these “things” are eternal. Atheism teaches the Universe is uncreated. It simply has always existed. Naturalism is the dominant Philosophy of our time. It teaches that the natural world is a closed system of causes and effects. This dogma is contradicted outright by Genesis 1:1. Energy, matter, space and time itself are not all that exist. They do no define, exhaust, enclose or limit all of reality. They are all created and before they were, in the beginning, was God who made them.

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