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This is a fundamental Truth- 1 Corinthians 14:33 God is not a God of confusion [disorder] but of peace [harmony] 40 all things should be done decently and in order.

The Apostle Paul applied this truth to a worship service and how people acted in it. If something chaotic is happening at home or in church or at work or in the public square, it is not of God. God is all about creating order and harmony.


Genesis 1-2 demonstrates this Truth “in the beginning”: God creates heaven and earth, making order out of chaos.

2 The earth was without form and void and darkness was over the face of the deep

The earth at this point was not the dry earth we live on but rather an unfilled mass without form covered by water and darkness. The watery deep or dark abyss was the primal ocean that surrounds and underlies the earth (see 7:11) The Spirit is the Spirit of God, but it could be and is understood by others to mean “wind” (cf 8:1)

The process of Creation is about forming the unformed and filling the empty. God does that in 6 stages or “days”. Each of the Days follows the same Pattern or Order: Pronouncement, Result, Evaluation and Enumeration

  • Day 1- Light in general (v.3) and therefore Energy- diffused throughout the Universe
  • Day 2- The sky [the expanse or space directly above the earth- our atmosphere, not galactic space (v.8), the various seas and the earth (v.6)- this is differentiation from the general to the specific, with the focus on the habitable earth.
Note: This verse does not teach a 3-story universe. The sky does not form a shiny or glass-like dome as suggested in the poetic verses of Job 37:18 and Ezek. 1:22
  • Day 3- Vegetation on Earth (v.11)
  • Day 4- Sun, moon and stars [in near space] & the consequent Days and Nights (v.14)
  • Day 5- Creatures that live in the Water and Air (v.20)
  • Day 6- Creatures that live on the Land (v.24) concluding with “Man” (v.26)

What is revealed in this passage is true, true history- it really happened. But it is not exhaustive truth. The passage reveals historical and theological truth, but not exhaustive truth, ie- it does not reveal all the empirical, verifiable facts or data that were involved in the process of creation or “Origins”. The latter are not necessary to the purpose of the Writer. We must pay attention to what the passage actually says and not to what it does not say. 

What are the "Days"?  More next time

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