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It is overwhelming! There are more than a 1000 pages in the Governments proposed Health Care Plan and details are being changed in Committee daily. Much od the content is very complicated and technical and we must end up trusting "the experts" to work it all out (never a comforting idea). There are some basic issues and concerns that are being debated and about which equally sincere and knowledgeable people, often using the same statistics, strongly disagree. These issues are argued on the basis of conflicting ideologies or philosophies about Government, from very Conservative to very Liberal.

As a Christian, I am concerned with what God says about all of this. Specifically, what principles are taught in the Bible that should govern our Country's Health Care Policy? If Christ and His Word are sovereign over all, He must have a word for us on all of this. What is it?  [NOTE: This Series was first published here in August 2010.  It is even more helpful now]

Fundamental Biblical Principles to guide Health Care Policy

A core commitment is respect and care for persons, all persons. Thankfully, this is a Biblical basic that is shared by most Americans as part of our common cultural values. Regretfully, most Americans do not share the reason why all humans have infinite value They will simply say, "Because they are human, that is why! (ie- They have value because they have value. This is is circular reasoning and does not sustain the commitment under pressure.) Christians believe each and every human being, from conception, is made in the Image of God and as such has infinite value to Him and therefore to us. This specific belief is absolutely fundamental in the matter of health care and guides us through all the specific issues. This is the main reason to provide the best health care possible for all. This is why we will advocate for access to health care for all people of all ages regardless of who they are.

The second Bible Basic governing health care is that persons are a combination (a unity) of soul and body and their Health (and health care) must include both, not one or the other. Health and Health care must be holistic. We will not be treated as an organ or as a disease or as a statistic or as a commodity. We are human beings. When we respect persons we respect all that they are, body and soul together.

A third Bible Basic is that human life is a gift from God, including when it is given and when it is taken. Ultimately the issues of life and death are in His hands and we must not usurp His place.

This means we must respect how God designed life to begin and end. It we will also make appropriate, fair and legal preparations for dying.

We believe that when death happens, we pass on into Glory with God and a fuller life than we have here. Many of us act as though we do not believe this. We must not work against the Lord's call to join Him in Heaven or act as though it were not true. As in all things, we must be wise stewards of our resources and the gift of life that He gave us. Christians must come to grips with this issue and make faith-full decisions for the end of life on earth.

Fifth, Christians must clarify what the Bible teaches about the responsibilities of Family and Civil Government. The first and foremost health care provider must be the family. The issues of life and death must be decided by individuals within the context of their families and their Faith (of course such decisions must be legal and wise) Civil Government has no business making such decisions for them.

Health insurance policies, the costs and payments and approval of treatment plans should not be in the hands of government Committees or Bureaucrats. We do not trust a federally controlled system to be fair, well-managed and cost effective. We do not want a single-payer, "public option" to replace private insurance.

Reforms should encourage individual ownership of private health insurance and both coverage and treatment decisions must be made made between patient and private physician.



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