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Health care in Israel was simple. It was primarily the responsibility of the individual and was provided within the family at home. The village or community helped the family as needed. There was no such thing as the Welfare State in ancient Israel.

Some Christians use Ezekiel 34 and similar texts to support their claim that the US Government is responsibility to provide medical insurance for the health care of all citizens. I am not persuaded. There were 4 essentials to health care in Israel: Diet, Rest, Quarantine and Safety. Israelites ate healthy and strictly avoided foods that might cause disease (such as uncooked pork or fatty foods, eg- Dan 1:4-16) Their regular diet included vegetables, grains and fruits as well as some dairy products and oil. Of course, they walked and did physical work (no cars). They observed the Sabbath which meant they stopped working, slowed down and took time for worship, family and rest at least one full 24 hour day every week. They practiced quarantine. They recognized the dangers of skin disease and bodily discharges and set those who showed signs of these apart from everyone else. They fought disease by prevention. This was also evident in their laws about public safety in buildings, roadways and workplaces, including the farm. The Kings (the Government) that Ezekiel was criticizing failed to enforce health and safety laws. That does not lead to a mandate for the US Government to provide Health Insurance for all. It is a mandate for Prevention by everyone. American's heath care is primarily in the hands of Americans who care for their health!

The practice of preventative policies, such as are taught by the Bible. have always helped to ensure public health and reduce health costs in any society that practices them. It would greatly improve health care in America if everyone living here were to eat a healthy diet, observe a Sabbath for worship and rest, take precautions to avoid germs (wash hands, drink clean water, cover the garbage cans, get rid of mosquitoes, etc) and follow safety rules at home, on the road, at work and play. This is not just Biblical, it is common sense! The greatest improvement of Health Care in America begins with Prevention. Most of the diseases that cost the most and finally kill us are caused by our voluntary behavior and therefore are preventable or their impact greatly reduced if we change the way we live. That most Americans are not doing this is a scandal. Realizing this factor has been one of the major findings of my study.





"Many leading health conditions — such as heart disease; stroke; lung disease and many cancers; obesity; AIDS; suicide; teen pregnancy; drug abuse and addiction; depression and other mental illnesses; neurological disorders; alcoholism; violence; injuries and accidents — originate in behavior and can be prevented or controlled through behavior."

"The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention has concluded that “the United States cannot effectively address escalating health care costs without addressing the problem of chronic diseases.” The Milken Institute estimates the annual economic impact of preventable chronic diseases on the U.S. economy to be more than $1 trillion. Fully 75% of our current healthcare spending goes toward chronic conditions, the vast majority of which could be better prevented or managed."

Source: http://www.psychologicalscience.org/observer/getArticle.cfm?id=2465

"Chronic diseases such as heart disease, cancer, and diabetes are leading causes of disability and death in the United States. More than 1.7 million Americans die of chronic diseases each year, accounting for 70 percent of all deaths in the United States. 70 percent of the nation's total medical care costs go to treating those with these conditions." And they are preventable if Americans changed their personal behavior." (It is ironic and hypocritical that Evangelicals tend to blame victims of AIDS for their disease and are not sympathetic to them, because we think they brought it on themselves for their alledged behavior, while we die mostly from diseases caused by our own behavior but do not blame ourselves for that and want sympathy and insurance coverage)

Source: http://www.ymca.net/activateamerica/activate_america_background.html

In contrast," worldwide most deaths from disease are caused by problems with the water. "According to the World Bank, 88 percent of all diseases are caused by unsafe drinking water, inadequate sanitation and poor hygiene. At any one point in time, 50 percent of all people in the developing world will be in hospital suffering from one or more water-related diseases. Most will be children, water-related diseases being the second biggest killer of children worldwide (after acute respiratory diseases like Tuberculosis), according to Water Aid. (Diarrhea alone has killed more children in 10 years than all the people killed in wartime since World War 2, according to UNICEF). Humans have become walking, talking carriers of diseases, thanks to poor sanitation and undrinkable water".




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