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Written by Calvin Fox   
Saturday, 10 November 2012 10:51

Second Command does not forbid art, only the worship of it- Exo 20:4-5 with Lev 26:1

Art and the Tabernacle/Temple, the Bible itself including music, drama, poetry and Heaven

“Art” includes all forms

Work per se is good. Art is a kind of work: art work/work of art

Art has value in itself as art

Creativity has value because Creativity reflects God, the creator

Art does not exist for art’s sake- the art of the Masters all had POV, meaning, said something

Art does not become valuable by giving it a didactic purpose. Art may speak, but it does not exist to speak. It is first art, then a message

Art expresses World View. Art form (drama, poetry, language) adds to that World View, be it true or false

Standards of Judgment: all four must be taken together.

1. Technical excellence: color, form, paint, lines, composition, balance, unity, etc


2. Validity: the reasons which the artist had for creating. Is it a work honest to the artists interests and purposes and WV or is it done only to be a commercial success. Does the work express what the artist believes or is it pandering to the public?

3. World View; all serious art has one. It can be right or wrong, Biblical or not. We can judge an artists WV same as we can judge anyone else. The standard is the Biblical WV. Christian art is art that is true. It correspond with Reality as Bible says it is. Actual Bible and Christian words do not need to be used.

4. Suitability of form to content (does the vehicle convey the message?)

Form and style and technique, etc will change over time and with place (or culture). Same as with language. That is to be expected and not rejected. Today’s Christian artists should speak the language of today in order to communicate. The only concern is whether the language used expresses accurately the Message intended

There is no such thing as a Christian style or form. However, as all languages, symbols, metaphors etc must work.. Thy all say something. Is what is heard or seen what the Christian intends. The Christian must know how the audience for his work interprets it.

Symbols, vocabulary, “grammatical” structure chosen must express (Truth). If symbols and words do not, they must change. Biblical World View must be communicated effectively



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