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Written by Calvin Fox   
Thursday, 11 August 2011 18:28

In the 17th Century, besides the English, the French, Spanish and Dutch had settlements in some Northern, Southern and far Western regions of what is now the United States. But for all this ethnic and religious diversity, working backward from today, the dominant or mainstream political and social Foundations of the United States trace primarily to New England and the Protestant Colonists who settled in Massachusetts (not, for example, to Roman Catholic settlements in Florida, California or Maryland) and back through them to England and then to Europe. 

The first of those Colonists were predominantly Pilgrims and Puritans, coming out of the Church of England.  These groups had their difference, but they were Calvinists (not today's Evangelicals).  Later other Protestants arrived (Lutherans, Baptists, Methodists, Quakers) as well as Roman Catholics and Jews.  Of course, there non-religious people, too.

But without a doubt, the majority of the 17th Century Colonists were English,Scots and Irish and and the dominant Culture and Worldview in the Colonies for more than 150 years was British and Calvinist (and predominantly White) which extends back into the 16th Century. That is our  Nation's Political, Religious, Ethnic and Social Heritage; the Foundation upon which it was built.  Granted that was more than 200 years ago and very regretfully most of this Heritage has gone by the boards and our Country has become multicultural, multi-ethnic and religiously very diverse.  Less than 30% of Americans attend a Christian Church for Worship and most of those churches are not Calvinistic.  Our common beliefs and values now are far from those of our Puritan fore-bearers.  Reliable estimates are that within the next 40 years, most Americans will not be White, British or European and the majority of them will have an Hispanic Heritage.

Many Christians today insist we were founded to be a Christian Nation and should get back to being one. It depends on our definitions of "Christian Nation", but I have not found solid evidence that we ever were one.  When such Christians bemoan all of the changes in our Nation (usually meaning since the 1960's) they usually are not calling  for a return to our Colonial Heritage and Foundation.  They do not mean a return to white, English Calvinism. Of course, no one wants a return to all the day-by-day mores (mōr′ēz′) and customs of the Puritans in Colonial Massachusetts.  But I  believe in the Doctrines of Calvinism and the Puritan application of them to economic and political practices that were prevalent before the Revolution. And I believe we should pray and work for a return to the  Biblical, English and Puritan principles that influenced the writing of our Constitution and are enshrined in it.  That is a Heritage worth recovering and preserving and fighting to defend.


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