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Written by Calvin Fox   
Monday, 14 March 2011 08:48

There is Justice when people, animals and the Land are able to enjoy their Rights as defined by Biblical Law.  Injustice is the denial of those Rights.  The “oppressed” are those whose Rights are denied.  Historically, the Oppressed are usually the weak and marginalized- the poor, women and children  Justice is defending the oppressed.  Justice is stopping or punishing whatever, or whoever, is doing the oppressing.  Justice is restoring their Biblical Rights to the oppressed.  But that is not to say God is on the side of the poor or the oppressed.  God is on the side of Justice- having His character, His will, carried out.  There can be Justice in society only when people- rich or poor- fulfill their responsibilities to God and others in their personal lives as God defines them.

Justice is, at the very least, a “religious” concept.  In practice, to make Justice even theoretically possible, requires conversions- massive numbers of conversions of Pagans to Christ and then a major effort to disciple those new Christians to obey the Law of God.


Biblical Justice will not be completely established in our society by anything we do.  That is only something God can accomplish, and He will- following the Second Coming of Christ. But that does not relieve Christians today from doing Justice in their lives.  Absolutely not!  All the Bible verses quoted in this paper, and many others, command us to pursue Justice in society now.  Why?  It is the will of God for us.  Being Americans, we want results- guaranteed if possible; but, we are also Christians. God expects only one thing of us- faithfulness, not results.   We are to faithfully pursue obey Him and pursue Justice, whether we see or achieve the desired results or not

God’s purpose for each of us- all of us- is to be like Christ.  Christ-likeness- that is our goal.  What is Christ-likeness?  Faithfulness to the will of God no matter what!  Faithfulness could result in opposition, suffering and failure.  Some gains will be made.  There will be victories here and there.  Actually, through the centuries, much has been accomplished.  There has been great progress in promoting and safeguarding the sanctity of life (from the unborn to the elderly and dying) , civil rights for women and minorities (including the abolishment of slavery), hospitals and medical care, and all kinds of work on behalf of children and the poor, education, prison reform and the defeat of many tyrants  and evil dictators.  The establishment of Justice is God’s work and He has used His People, as well as those who do not know Him, to accomplish that work.  Justice has flowed like a river through the ages of history. Books like Under the Influence, by Alvin Schmidt) give amply evidence of this.  Praise God; but, that such achievement is not what counts.  There is still much to be done.  There is still much oppression and injustice in our world.  The work must go on.

Being faithful, being obedient in our personal lives- that is what counts- that is what most pleases our Father above.  Our faithfulness is itself our calling, our witness, and God’s glory.  Separating from Society, dropping out, in order to have a Community that practices Justice within itself is a cop-out.  We are to shine as lights in the darkness.  That requires a Community of like-minded Believers who will shine together.  We will need each other for support and encouragement.  Besides gathering for corporate worship, we (the Church) need to regularly gather to work on helping each other to live out this call to faithful witness in society- where we live and work during the week.

There is more- Fulfilling many of the above personal responsibilities will bring us up against powers and systems, corporations and governments, that incorporate and perpetuate oppression, i.e.- exploitation, greed, violence, discrimination, theft, fraud, etc.  What that means in practice remains to be seen; but this is a call to action.  As a group, we should be learning all we can about our society- the city and region in which God has placed us.  We will discover and uncover the specific local powers and systems that incorporate and perpetuate oppression, i.e.- greed exploitation, violence, discrimination, theft, fraud, etc.  These Powers and systems that deprive people of their God-given (inalienable) Rights must be confronted and changed.


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