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Written by Calvin Fox   
Saturday, 05 March 2011 09:51

The Bible is very clear that election was not simply to personal salvation.  Election is to a life of  service to God (Jer.4:5, Isa 41:9,42:1, 43:10,44:1-2, etc)   But this truth is not part of the Gospel we have been preaching.  We say "Come forward, make your decision to accept Christ as your Savior and your sins will be forgiven, you will be saved."  Or people may be told, "You have messed up your life, your marrige is on the rocks, you are hopelessly addicted to drugs or to pornography, you are out of work, you are in trouble with the law, you are depressed or feel life is not worth living or you have a terminal disease-  whatever your problem is, begin a relationship with Jesus as your Friend and Savior and He will give you a new life, hope, purpose, meaning.  He will help you, heal you and deliver you from all your troubles. People to both "invitations" and make some kind of decision.

People are not told the real reason why they are lost sinners in the first place.  They are lost sinners because they are not living for the Lord, they are self-centerd and living for themselves.  That is what they are to repent about.  That is what they are to have a change of mind about.  And that applies to everyone, rich or poor, without regard to class, culture or color.

We have told people that Jesus is their Friend. He loves them.  This is true but this is also very misleading.  They have not heard, in the Gospel message itself, that Jesus is Lord and that He expects obedience.from them. In the New Testament, the sinner who would be saved must confess  "Jesus is Lord" (Rom.10:9).  That confession is essential to Salvation. Evangelists avoid the Lord's Mandate to us and fail to tell sinners, would-be Christians, they are to turn about in head, heart and life and henceforth obey all the commands of Jesus.  They usually do not hear anything about being saved to serve.

Now some of you will agree with what I have just written and say, "Amen!"  But then the next question must be asked: What commands are we to obey?  How are we to serve God and Others?  How are we to live our faith?  I have found my answer is a stumbling block to many Christians.  I have been teaching what I am about to write for many years but very few have listened and many strongly object.  I will try again.

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