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Written by Calvin Fox   
Saturday, 05 March 2011 09:48

What commands are we to obey? The answer is found in the first five books of the Bible, the Torah, the Law of God summarized in the 10 Commandments.  We love to recite Psalm 1 or 19 or 119 about how wonderful the Law of God is but what is that Law?  Few Evangelicals interpret the word "Law"  in these Psalms to mean the Law of Moses.  Rather most Evangelicals take those Psalms to be about the whole Scripture.  Some will narrow the "Law" down to the ethical or moral teaching of the New Testament or to the teaching of Jesus, especially the Sermon on the Mount.  Finally, the Law of God simply becomes the Law to love God and Neighbor.  And what does it mean to "love neighbor"?  For many Christians, like most every one else, such "love" is defined by the cultural values of our time such as openeness, acceptance, respect and toleration of all peoples and how they live.  Or "love" may be defined simply as respecting the constitutional or civil Rights of all people. No, No!  None of these defintions is what is meant in Psalms 1, 19 and 119.  We must define the Law of God the way the Bible itself does- as the Torah!


How are we to love? by treating our neighbors according to that Law.  How are we to live?  Here are some of the ways. We are to value human life (be pro-life in every sense) and work to develop all we are as human beings.  We are to cultivate and care for the natural world which sustains our life.  We are to marry and work with our spouse in that stewardship of Creation and the Culture and Civilization that extend from it. We are to respect marriage and family life according to Biblical principles. That includes being an extended,cross-generational family caring for all its members for a life time. It includes living in community with neighbors, both respecting private property and sharing wealth with those in need.  It means governing that Community by just laws.  It includes organizing our work along Biblical economic principles and values, which values include both profit making and profit sharing.  Those Principles include Tithing (1/3 of which goes to the Poor). We are to observe a true Sabbath and obey the other Commandments in the Decalogue.  All of these are ways we can we glorify God and love our neighbors. This is how we are to live according to God's Law.

Evangelism must include Baptizing new Believers into Christ and the Church and teaching them to obey and organize thir daily lives according to the principles of the Torah.  I also believe new (and old) members of Christ and His Church must be taught how to offer corporate Worship to God.  That would be God-centered, liturgical and Eucharistic Worship.

How are we to live?  In all of these ways.  Such a life glorifies God. It will be our most effective witness to the World.  Evangelism without it is ineffectual.  Evangelism with such a witness will become what it should be and I will again be excited about it. 


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