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Written by Calvin Fox   
Monday, 27 September 2010 08:06

I have spent hundreds of hours thinking and writing about corporate Worship.  I truly appreciate Liturgical and Eucharistic Worship, coming from a Baptist background, but I realize the most important element of corporate Worship is preaching.  The Liturgy and the Eucharist can not be a substitute for that.  I want both, but if I must chose, I will seek and attend a Service where I will be fed the Bread of Life.  Unhappily, I do have to chose because the churches I know which offer Liturgical and Eucharistic Worship do not offer good Biblical preaching. Why is that?  It should not be that way!


I also really appreciate Sacred Spaces and Sacred Music.  We attended a Church recently which has a magnificent Nave and Sanctuary and a wonderful 35 member well-trained, well-directed robed choir.  Listening to them sing a chorale in that beautiful setting was most worshipful.  It brought tears to my eyes and stirred my soul.  This was a religious experience unlike anything I experience in contemporary evangelical Services with their very secular sounding "Praise Teams" front and center.  But then, shortly after the Special Music by the choir, came one of the worst sermons I have ever heard.  So in an hour and 20 minute Service there was only about 10 minutes that was worthwhile.  We will not return.  Again, if we must chose, we want to hear the Word of God most of all.

I might add that the congregants seemed oblivious to their beautiful church and choir.  Neither seemed to have the effect on them that they had on me, a visitor.  There was a lot of private conversation going on and constant movement in and out of the pews.  (There might have been 250 people there).  Oh, yes, another matter.  It was difficult to hear a lot of what was spoken during the Service, particularly the Scripture readings and the many announcements.

Many people I talk to about their Services do not seem to mind  (or even think about) any of these matters because the most important thing to them is the fellowship, time to meet and greet friends and share the "latest" news.  I go to church first and foremost to meet with God, offer Him my worship and hear His Word.  The fellowship I seek is doing all that with like-minded Believers.


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