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Written by Calvin Fox   
Saturday, 05 September 2009 08:56

[The] old assumption of God's goodness seems to be gone. The new generation, as reported by Duin and dissected by McKnight, has a nearly impenetrable self-image and very secure sense of self-esteem. ... So when we read the Scriptures or hear a traditional presentation of the Gospel, rather than feeling morally inferior to the Jesus who healed, cared, sacrificed, and died for others … we feel morally superior to the God who hates divorce, restricts sexual expression, and condemns his Son on a Roman cross.



Where did this ignorance of sound, Scriptural Doctrine come from?  This is hopelessly confused and muddleheaded thinking.  For one thing, Jesus is God!  God and Jesus are not to be pitted against each other!

What is said about God is very distorted and the argument is against a strawgod, not the true God.  Jesus' death is completely misunderstood.

The idea that sinners (of any generation) are morally superior to God is utterly wrong and totally blasphemous and extremely ignorant of the truth (what the Bible and History teach) about both God and Human beings.

There is nothing new about this attitude.  It goes back to the garden of Eden and the Fall (Gen 3).  Since that event, it has always been the way people see God and themselves.  It demonstrated the classic doctrine of Total Depravity. More than that, it also demonstrates the truth of the Antithesis (Gen 3:15)  The origin of the attitude is Satan (that is why I call it the hubris of Hell). 

The answer is as it always has been: the Gospel of the very Cross that this generation does not understand and rejects.  (1Cor 2) Our response is not to change that Gospel to suit its not so cultured despisers, but to preach and teach it far more effectively than we have.  Failure to do the latter, puts a lot of the responsiblity for the emergent generation's confusion and ignorance (not their attitude) upon us, the older generation of Reformed pastors and churches


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