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Written by Calvin Fox   
Monday, 15 December 2008 19:35
Calling Christ the Word of God (John 1:1) indicates a belief that Christ is the thoughts, intentions and reasoning of God, spoken, expressed and revealed.  He is not the thoughts, intentions and reasoning themselves but the effective expressions of them.  That is a crucial distinction.  The name as such does not mean Christ is God. God and His mind or reason are inseparable and both are eternal.  But there is more to God’s mind and plans than what He has chosen to reveal.  God’s intentions and reasoning are more than His Word, and not confined or limited to them.

Once revealed or “spoken”, these thoughts of God are effective- they accomplish or create or bring into being what God has thought.  Thus, Christ is called the Word of God and the Word is God’s Agent of Creation.  All of this is what the Greek word, logos, means.  
As the effective Word or creative Agent of God, everything in the natural world came into being and continues to hold together.  He is involved in its continual development and preservation.  Studying the natural world can lead to some knowledge of the Word and the Mind of God.  As the effective Word or creative Agent of God, all persons and their experiences (including Redemption) come into being and serve God’s intentions.

Scripture is not literally the Word, the effective expression of God.  The Word (who is ultimately God Himself) created the Scripture the same as it created rocks and animals.  The expression of God’s Mind or The Word precedes and exists apart from Scripture but operates in it in the same way that God precedes and exists apart from but operates in all Creation.

The original manuscripts of our Bible are the product, the out breathing, of the Word.  Christ the Word inspired the Scripture.  He brought its contents into being and reveals abiding Eternal Truth through it.  He occupies or indwells  its pages so that those who open it are exposed to Him and what He wants to reveal.  In this secondary sense, only, the Scripture is called the Word of God.  In actuality, it is the primary and authoritative place in which we hear the true Word who is Christ. 

We can say, “What Scripture says, God says.“  Believing that is essential to being Evangelical.  Scripture is the revelation from the Word written down, i.e.- prepositional revelation, but not the Word itself.  Whatever the Bible is, whatever we call it, The Word is living and creative.  The actual and true Word is Christ alone.  This is an important truth often lost on fundamentalist Christians. We must not worship the Bible, which often comes down to meaning the worship of some interpretation of it or a system of Doctrine based on it or even a particular translation of it.  To do that would be to make an idol of it.  It is a icon beyond which we can see or hear or find the Living Word who is Christ.   

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