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Written by Calvin Fox   
Thursday, 20 November 2008 20:02

The teaching in the article above about Scriptural Separation has been terribly twisted and misused through out History, especially in support of Racism.  People have claimed this Teaching and verse such as those used in the above essay to support discrimination or segregation of peoples and to prevent members of different skin color or ethnicity from marrying each other.  intermarriage of so-called “races

Racism is commonly defined as believing or acting as though there are inherent biological differences among the various  races which determine cultural or individual achievement, with a view that one's own “Race” or People  is genetically superior and has the right to oppress the others.

The Creation narrative makes it clear, there is only one human “Race” and Acts 17:26 says [God] made from one man every nation (Grk: ethnos= people group, not the modern nation-state) of mankind to live on all the face of the earth.  God made many people or ethnic groups (ethne), but only One Race!
This means “interbreeding (mixing) of races” is actually impossible.  Scripture forbids the interbreeding of different “Species”.  All people are members of the same species. Racism, as defined above, is without any Biblical warrant whatsoever.  It is strictly a social construct as well as a social evil.


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