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Written by Calvin Fox   
Monday, 29 September 2008 20:59

(This Essay is a greatly revised  and edited version of the one on this subject I published two years ago on my Blog.)


Introduction: Defining Calvinism


I have studied Reformed Theology and Calvinism for years.  I know it is not a perfect system of thought, or at least my understanding of it is not perfect and is far from exhaustive; but, I am persuaded that it is the best and most comprehensive System of Biblical Truth, that it honors God more than any other.  The Reformed Faith and Neocalvinism provide the perspectives which shape my Christian Life and writing.  This Essay is my personal interpretation of the Doctrines of Grace (but it is in harmony with the Reformed Scholars whom I reference at the end of this work). Many people who are serious about these doctrines seem to love to argue about every fine point.  I do not want to do that here.  Rather, my treatment is purposely introductory, simple and practical, hoping to attract readers new to the subject (but solid enough to challenge those who swim in these waters regularly and appreciate Calvinism)


First, it is important that you understand what I mean by Calvinism and the Reformed Faith.  There are a few major and many minor differences among those who claim to be Reformed or Calvinist.  I began years ago, like many, mistakenly thinking that Calvinism was the same thing as the Five Doctrines of Grace (the so-called 5 Points or T.U.L.I.P.- to be discussed in the series that follows below) I thought they were interchangeable terms. They are not. Calvinism is also Covenant Theology [see my article on Covenant Theology on this website], which is very different than Dispensationalism, yet many 5 Point “Calvinists” are also Dispensationalists.  Calvinism is also a World View.  This will make some think of Puritanism.  I think of Dutch or Neo-calvinism.  Briefly put, Calvinism includes the Five Doctrines of Grace, Covenant Theology and the World-view known as Neocalvinism.  To me, all of this together is Calvinism or the Reformed Faith.

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