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Written by Calvin Fox   
Monday, 22 September 2008 16:04

The four creational Principles have (obviously) often been violated throughout history.  This is the consequence of the Fall described in Genesis, chapter 3.  “Man” had become a rebellious, self serving sinner. Stewardship has been universally rejected by human beings and replaced (at least by many, in most parts of the “developed” world) by the concept of absolute private ownership. Along with greed and the exploitation of natural resources for personal, corporate or national gain has been the rule.  The natural world, itself, has been generally uncooperative and resistant to cultivation (“The Curse”).  Blood and great toil have been required to subdue and cultivate it.  The work process has been corrupted, often becoming harsh and demeaning (or jut plain deadening) for millions of people.  The rights and responsibilities of all people to work and to share in the economic process and its products are often denied, limited or commonly manipulated for many, in favor of the few.  Economic growth has become an obsession around the world, even an Idol; prosperity, materialism and consumerism are all pervasive.  Sharing is done, but usually, only out of self interest, or sacrificed altogether by a far more selfish, “me first”, “look out for number one”, attitude.  This, too, applies, not only to individuals, but to corporations and Nations, as well.

None of this was as God intended at Creation.  The Fall changed it all. These developments (but not the Principles) are evil and condemned by God and the Prophets (including Jesus).   God and economic justice are inseparable. Economic evil is injustice and is inseparable from Idolatry.

I must add here, that God has not been absent in the world.  He has been providentially involved, both in the natural world and the world of “Men”.  As Sovereign, He has been governing the world through many agencies and directly.  His common and special grace have be manifest throughout history.  The Story is not all of evil, much good is also recorded.

Because of the consequences of the Fall, God announced a new Plan: Mankind, as a fallen Race, rebellious and seeking to be autonomous, rejected the purpose for which God created them.  Therefore, He would make a Covenant with Abraham and his descendants.  He would be their God.  They would be His people.  He promised to give them Land.  They would live in this Land under the four creation Principles outlined above, adjusted for post Fall reality, and detailed in the Mosaic Law.


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