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Written by Calvin Fox   
Monday, 22 September 2008 14:59

The regenerate and unregenerate have these three categories in common. Thus, they can share a lot with each other, working together on all kinds of projects. The “Fall”, described in Genesis 3 and its noetic effect do not make this impossible. Though subject to “Total Depravity”, Human beings remain human. Though they are dead in sin and separate from God, they are not dead to their humanity or separated from their God-given human faculties. In fact, the purpose of Redemption is to redeem those faculties (rationality, creativity, morality, spirituality communality) and, thereby, all Culture which has been produced using human faculties. What was formed by God and deformed by Sin must be reformed in Christ! (adapted from Al Wolters)

Redemption in Christ, by the Work and Word of Christ, makes people fully human. A sanctified sinner in Christ, by definition, should be a fully human person in Christ. This is an extremely important truth that has been somehow lost to multitudes of dualistic Christians.

The unregenerate do not, and can not, know the true or underlying meaning of General Revelation, as distinguished from the functional, superficial or pragmatic. They do not, and can not, know the true origins and purposes of all they might observe study, use and enjoy. They try and fail. They hypothesize, they despair. All they observe, study, use and enjoy witnesses to God, but they will not admit that Hypothesis. They can not and will not “see” the connection or “hear” the witness. God is the missing link that holds it all together; they go on seeking to connect it all together without Him, which is impossible. They have knowledge; but, what they know, the unregenerate continually work hard to suppress and deny as a witness to God. This, in fact, is the very reason for universal human guilt and misery (and the primary root of all the troubles of living in this world). Because of the effects of the Fall on the human mind and will, with the consequent Antithesis (innate animosity and rebellion toward God), human beings resist knowledge as General Revelation and reject Special Revelation outright.

However, regenerate human beings, with the Holy Spirit within them and the Bible at hand to guide them, confront a challenge. We can study every subject in every field as revelation from God. We know how all things come together in Christ for the glory of God, even though the world does not. We study Physics and the physical Sciences to learn about God. We study the Humanities to learn about God. History, Psychology, Music- all things, to learn about God. Using both Books, as we have explained, we will never have exhaustive knowledge, but we can have true and full knowledge of Him.

Natural Law/Moral Law

Of all areas of General Revelation, arguably the most fruitful for common discourse, with the unregenerate, on the “Meaning of life” is Natural Law. Natural Law is a subset of General Revelation. It is defined as that Moral Law all human beings, universally, know innately and elucidate primarily through Reason. Because it is written on everyone’s heart, the Bible is not required to know the Moral law of God. Human beings have this innate moral knowledge simply because they are human beings. We are born wired for morality. It is part of the way in which we image God. God created us with “moral oughtness”, along with rationality, spirituality, creativity and commonality. None of these faculties were lost at the Fall. It is inconsistent to say we lost this Natural Moral Law or Moral Knowledge at the Fall, but not the other faculties. Possessing innate moral knowledge is part of what makes us human beings. All people, by nature, know there is an Other (the Supernatural) whom they should worship and spend time with. Our innate faculty for spirituality reflects the First Tablet. The morality, which we know innately, is fundamentally the same as the Second Tablet of the Decalogue. Our fallen nature causes us, as human beings, to deny, suppress, transgress or violate what we know, both spiritually and morally. We are constantly at war against the Image of God within (again, this is the Antithesis). This is also evident in the way we treat or use our other faculties of rationality, creativity and commonality. All human faculties must and can be redeemed in Christ. The regenerated heart, with the illumination and guidance of the Holy Spirit, in conjunction with study of the Special Revelation found in our Bibles, enables individuals to develop a Biblical, Christian Morality and Ethics.


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