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Written by Calvin Fox   
Saturday, 02 August 2008 12:52

“Learning to Live God's Way”

“Learning to Live God's Way” is our goal, but what is God's way? My answer to that question changed a few years ago, as I rediscovered the Book of Genesis. I marveled again at God's Creation- both as noun and verb. I was also impressed with the importance of the “Cultural Mandate”, given by God to all human beings. This Mandate has never been negated by God. Far from it- it remains the main purpose for our lives- for all of us. Every person is to be fully engaged in enjoying, developing and maintaining all that God has made. This includes more than simply being caretakers of the environment and earth- more than Stewardship (Conservation). Developing and maintaining and enjoying the Creation involves, by extension, creatively developing Cities, Culture and Civilization. To do all of this we must become fully human. That means realizing our potential as “persons” made in the Image of God.

"Seeking God's Norms in All Things"

“God's way” is revealed in Scripture- all Scripture, including the Law (Torah). The Institute's motto is Seeking God's Norms in All Things. Chose a subject, any subject: architecture (urban renewal), aesthetics (painting and music), government (public and social policy), education (schools), economics, technology, cosmology, psychology (therapy), etc. All are built on assumptions and world views. They all require some foundational faith or ideology. We want to probe and discover what all that may be. Concurrently, we search for material in the Bible relevant to these subjects. We must analyze assumptions, foundational faith, ideologies. World Views and all “isms” in light of the Word of God. We seek God's Norms in all things. Literally.

Seeking the Kingdom

Comparing what we find, we seek to re/form [or redirect] the subject according to God's Norms and thus, learn to live God's way. This what it means to be a disciple of Christ. What we are talking about here is far more radical and inclusive than getting involved with few select social causes now popular. This is seeking the extension of the Kingdom (Realm) of God, defined as people living all of life according to the will of God, on earth as in Heaven.

The Vision

The vision of the Re/formation Institute (my vision) is to help the Kingdom to come through scholarship and teaching. Ideally, we would bring together scholars in "secular" specialties with scholars in Bible and Theology. I am neither; I am now simply an educated layman committed to trying to think Biblically about everything. I am well aware of my limitations and the problems involved, but I know where to look for help. I want get the ball rolling and hopefully inspire others, particularly college students and other educated laypeople, to do more of this work as an offering to the Lord. I am convinced that Christians must do this kind of integrative, interdisciplinary study.

  • The “Great Commandment”, given by Jesus, is the motive for doing this: Love for God and People.
  • The “Great Commission”, as given by Jesus, is about persuading people to adopt the Cultural Mandate ["making disciples...teaching them to obey]
  • The Gospel itself is what makes all of this possible.  [The Realm of God requires the Reign of God.]
  • The Lordship of Christ requires it. [Every square inch of Creation belongs to Him]

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