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The Many uses of "Freedom"

“With the advent of WWII, the dominant abstract word was "Freedom" and many were harkening once again for the Declaration of Independence and its cry for Freedom. in 1941, FDR preached the "Four Freedoms" (of speech, of worship and from want and from fear) and politicians spoke of "Free Europe", freedom-loving Nations and the "Free World". There was even a “Freedom Train" traveling the Country with the Declaration of Independence, the Constitution, papers by Alexander Hamilton and the Gettysburg Address, as well as the Documents of surrender signed by Germany and Japan.

WWII was followed by the Cold War and the language of Freedom was again employed to arouse the Nation. This War was to free captive Europe form Communist slavery, to free China from the Maoists. The cold war was fought for cultural freedom, the free market and free enterprise and ultimately, for a free world! Freedom, Capitalism and Democracy were all bound together.

It was not long before the concept of "Freedom" was transformed into "Rights"- social rights and economic rights- rights for protection from poverty and rights for security in old age and against unemployment now; Rights for decent housing and medical care. Eventually, there was the demand for Civil Rights for African Americans. There were demands for the Rights of Women, Children, the Unborn, Gays, Native Americans, Prisoners as well as welfare rights and rights of privacy, of expression, of Education and Protection and, fittingly, the right to die [Euthanasia]

Reference: Contested Truths by Daniel Rodgers


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