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Thursday, 04 June 2015 12:20

Working through the account of creation in chapter 1, we see that God created order out of chaos in an orderly way (Jer.

The major Guideline or Rule God used for the process of creation is the principle of Separation, eg- light from darkness, day from night and land from ocean.. God also created boundaries between species and between the Human, Animal, Plant and Inorganic Kingdoms.  He placed boundaries between human beings and all other creatures; and between human beings- There is a God-give distinction between males and females – v.27; (more in chapter 2, but see Deut 22:5, Lev 18:22 cf Rom 1:26-27)

These Separations or Boundaries, being created by God, are good, universal and not to be lost or crossed. The concept of separation is repeated throughout both Old and New Testaments, eg- Lev 10:10, 11:47, 19:19, 20:24-25; Deut 22:9; 2 Cor 6:17; Rev 18:4; Matt 13:49 and 25:32

Another Rule to note in Genesis 1: Creation moves from primitive to complex and the apex of creation is Mankind.  Human beings have dominion (v.25), the responsibility to cultivate and care for the rest of creation. (Psalm 8) In turn, the rest of creation exists for the well-being of humans. (Psalm 115:16- the earth [the LORD] has given to ...man)

Later in this series we shall see that God has also created order for Marriage and Family. In addition, Work and rest from Work [the Sabbath] as well as civil government are also Creation Ordinances.

It must be noted that this good concept of Scriptural “Orders” can be and is misused and perverted to justify the evils of sexual abuse, slavery, racism and genocide

We have yet to define the word “day” as used in Genesis 1. We shall, but it should be clear by now that there are many topics in this chapter besides that one and those who argue for a literal 24 hour day must also, to be consistent, argue that everything in the chapter must also be taken literally. Ultimately, what is at stake here, besides a method for interpreting a chapter of Scripture, is the authority of the entire Bible itself as propositional revelation form God (His Word).  Beyond that, what is at stake is the authority of God Himself.



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