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Last time we considered the problem of Death: separation/alienation on 5 levels: spiritual, psychological, social, environmental and physical. There is another serious consequence of Adam and Eve’s disobedience.  This is “The Curse” (Gen 3:14-19)

Three things are “blessed” in this story of Creation: 1:22 Creatures that fly and that live in the water (1:22) and Adam & Eve (1:28) The Sabbath (2:3). The “blessing” from God is a promise of fertility, abundance and well- being. On the other hand, to be “Cursed” by God is the opposite: denial or removal of His Blessing.


This portion of Scripture may be considered a description or a prescription- prediction or penalty. It is a crucial distinction. I am convinced it must be read as prescription or penalty: God says because of their action, this is the way it shall be. (see the verbs in vss 13,14-17 and 2:24 and 6:7,13; 9:2 et al)



1. The Seeds –v.15 This verse predicts hostility between snakes and human beings. It is also considered to be the first hint of the Gospel in Scripture. Satan and his minions [many powers were also part of creation -Col 1:16] are arch enemies of Christ and His Church (see Rev 12-13)

2. Humans are to be fruitful and multiply, but now childbirth will be painful v 16a. cf 1Tim 2:15 This last text does not teach that child birth has anything to do with Salvation! The words used may indicate all that is involved in mothering- “birthing” being a metonymy [a figure of speech in which one aspect of a process stands or represents the entire thing, eg- Turkey Day for Thanksgiving Day- or Baptism for Conversion]. God is saying in Gen 3 16a, that women shall experience much pain in their work as a mother. The same word, pain, is applied to the work of men in v.17.

3. Husbands and wives are to work together fulfilling the Mandate, but now they will be struggling for control over one another v.16b  She shall want to control him, while he shall try to dominate her. cf 4:7

4. The entire natural world is in bondage to death and decay See Romans 8:18-23

5. Humans are to cultivate the earth, but now working the earth will be filled with hardship and pain

6. Animals are supposed to be fruitful and multiply, now this will be limited and wild animals endanger humans See Gen 3:14,et al

All Creation, not only Man, has radically changed and cannot function as created. The Paradise of Genesis 1-3 has indeed been lost. The real world we live in is post Eden. But it is also post Cross and Resurrection. All creation needs redemption from the Fall & Curse. See Rom 8:19-24 The good news is about how and when that shall happen. And it shall

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