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I am a Calvinist. I believe Calvinism is a World and Life View. There are social, political and economic ramifications of the Doctrines of Calvinism.  I believe in the application of Calvinism to all Spheres of Life.  This is the focus of Kuyperian Neo-Calvinism [which is not the same as the New Calvinism]

Sovereignty of God- Secularism is not an option.

Christians can not think or act in any sphere of their life with indifference to, or rejection or exclusion of, God and their faith.


Sovereignty of the Word of God: Theonomy, not Democracy

The Church lives in Covenant relationship with God and not by Social Contract.  The Covenant of Grace has both Promises and Conditions.  God expects His People to obey His Law, not what the majority vote for.  Government serves the People when it serves God and fulfills the purpose and limitations placed on it by Him.  Primarily that is to restrain sin and enable the exercise of righteousness as defined by Scripture.  Government and all citizens, Christians and and non-Christians are accountable to God

God is the Maker of the Heavens and Earth.  There are "natural laws" through which God governs what he has made (or which describe how He created the heavens and earth and how He maintains them.  God created and intends Human Beings to represent Him, to be the stewards of His creation.  He also created certain Institutions under which humankind is to live (Creational Ordinances)- Marriage and Family, Church, Community and Civil Government (called "Spheres").  As with the heavens, these Institutions or Spheres have built-in structures or norms by which they are to function.  All that God has made, including these laws or Norms, remains "Good".  They glorify God and doing that is the purpose of everything

All humans, as they image God, are capable of doing good things (Common Grace), but they also are innately capable of all kinds and depths of sinful behavior.  The root of this behavior is their "fallen" or Sin Nature.  It makes them hostile toward God and live in rebellion against Him.  They take  what is good and misuse it.  They abuse it for their own purposes and not to the Glory of God. They take "Nature", Marriage and Family, Church, Community and Civil Government in directions that God never intended.   Therefore, humans need restraint and discipline.  Without that, the "lower or Sin nature" prevails.  The restraint is provided by culture, tradition, education and the law.  The latter is maintained by Government and it, in turn, is under the restraint of the Constitution.

Specifically, God instituted Government to restrain human beings from corrupting or misusing Nature, Marriage and Family, Church and Community, including Commerce.  It is not the purpose of Government to change human nature (only God can do that) or to take "Nature", Marriage and Family, Church/Moral Education, Community and Commerce in directions that God never intended for them.

Description of the Sovereign Spheres responsible to God


  • Marriage: Heterosexual and Heirarchical anti-complementarian and same-sex marriage
  • Family: Parents and Children; multi-generational- anti-single parent "family", anti-abortion, anti-childless marriage by choice, anti-one generational "family"
  • Church/Moral Education: The Ten Commandments (both Tablets) anti subversive influences
  • Community: the Common Good and the Principle of Subsidiarity, anti-individualism, anti-freedom of the individual (Egoism or Ayn Rand Selfishness), anti-special interest politics
  • Government: Justice (the restraint of evil); Subsidiarity, Constitutionalism; anti-Welfare State
  • Commerce: Biblical Economics (basically private property and principled private enterprise; compassionate, humane Capitalism) anti-Socialism and Totalitarianism

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